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The UK is a hub of higher education with so many prestigious and world-class universities and schools. Therefore it is a favored destination for students and knowledge seekers the world over. Here we enumerate the 5 most accepted reasons for an overseas student to choose the UK for his education.

  1. EXCELLENCE IN STANDARD OF EDUCATION : Focus on quality education was historically a norm in the UK. The excellence achieved long back and the heritage has been carried forward and still zealously maintained by the UK society. The UK is home for prestigious universities including Oxford and Cambridge. About 15 UK institutions figure in the 100 top higher educational institutions of the world.

    The UK government sets high standards for its educational institutions.  Every year the government publishes a list of recognised colleges and universities. The Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) is a rating system brought in by the UK government meant to evaluate and improve quality of teaching in the institutions. Colleges and Universities are given gold, silver, bronze ratings.

    The teaching procedures in the UK universities are thoroughly methodical. UK universities follow modern highly innovative teaching procedures along with the traditional lecture method. The system encourages for a student self-motivation, problem solving, and independent thinking skill.

    English is the official language which is a universal language that is a definite advantage for students for getting placements world over. Degrees and qualifications from the UK are highly valued across the world in the job markets for its quality assurance.

  2.  OPTION TO WORK WHILE STUDYING: One great attraction of being a student in the UK is that you can work part time while studying. You can work 20 hours a week when you do a full-time course of degree level or above. There are amble part-time jobs everywhere in the UK.

  3. SHORTER LENGTH OF COURSES: Compared to other nations the duration of courses in the UK is shorter. It would be only 3 years for a Bachelor’s degree and  normally 1 year for a Master’s Degree.

  4. EMPLOYMENT OPTION AND SCOPE FOR SETTLING IN THE UK: According to the new Graduate Immigration Route, on completing their course, students are free to apply to stay in the country for another two years without the need to fetch a separate skilled worker visa and this would enable them to work in the UK for the period of permission to stay.

    Then there is Skilled worker visa route which can give you job with a duration of 5 years visa which is a route for settlement in the UK. After 5 years of such stay one could apply for ‘Indefinite Leave to Remain’ which gives the status of ‘permanent resident’ of the UK.

  5. UK CULTURE, SOCIETY AND DIVERSITY: The UK society and culture are ideal and class apart. It is a diverse and heterogeneous nation with an inclusive society. You will find that about 40 % of the students pursuing studies in the UK universities are overseas students from various part of the world. Exposure to all the cultures of the world makes the British Culture even great. The UK offers superior life and a lot more for the native as well as non-native students.

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