Are you having second thoughts on choosing your career in Engineering? Well, Stop right there and have a glimpse at the countless possibilities in the field of Engineering.

Engineering is consistently one of the highest paying professions out there with umpteen opportunities. But why stop with a graduation when you can earn an accessible Masters which can help you develop more specialized knowledge and qualify for even advanced roles and acquire an even higher salary. You heard it right! You can secure an affordable Masters at the highly ranked and reputed universities in the UK. When you search into the shortage occupations in the UK, Engineering precedes any other profession.

The National Average Salary of an Engineer in the UK is as follows:

CIVIL:  £36,683



CHEMICAL: £34,585


AEROSPACE: £32,900

From this figures, it’s relevant that the UK is by far the best option for students seeking a Masters in engineering abroad. Some of the other perks about opting your Masters in the UK are:

  1. Academic Excellence
  2. Global Recognition
  3. One year Masters
  4. Stay back of two years
  5. without IELTS
  6. Work while studying
  7. Industrial Placement Courses
  8. Opportunity for a Start-up
  9. Lucrative Jobs

Organizations always have a great demand for Engineers and would have a bright future in the field. You could try breaking into industries such as; Nuclear Power, AI, Production, Manufacturing and much more.

Having to witness all these great advantages, you might still wonder that there might be some strict entry requirements for these Master programs. But guess what? Just a 50% of marks in your graduation can help you get an entry to these Masters and that too without an IELTS. The universities in UK gives an IELTS waiver for Indian students with 70% or above marks for English in 12th.

Talking about placements, you might be all ears. Yes, if you choose a placement program, it will be really beneficial for you in your career. The placement year program is a two year program. You’ll have your assignments and dissertations in the first year and your placement in the second year. In many universities in other countries, you must pay the same amount of fees in the first as well as the second year whereas in universities in the UK, you could just pay a few pounds as an additional fee and complete the placement year. A student can also work 40hours per week or full time in the placement year. With the placement year in hand, a student could continue working in the same company they got placed or opt for another company.

Still find it hard to meet the expenses? Don’t get stressed out!!!! Scholarships can be of great help for your mission abroad. The major scholarships available for you to fund the studies includes:

  • Chevening
  • Common Wealth
  • British Council

They can totally fund your studies based on your merit which can help you land on your dream University and course.

Hence pursuing your Masters in Engineering in the UK is not unattainable. Get in touch with our expert student counsellors and secure your career in the UK.

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